Thanks, but no thanks

I love this from Conscionable Care. I don’t stop parenting when the sun goes down.

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After 2 years of broken sleep I’m about to do it all over again, and you know what, I wouldn’t do anything differently!

My first born and sleep have never been friends.

Until he turned two he had to boob to sleep for every naptime, bedtime and night waking.

At first he’d wake every 45 minutes or so. This gradually increased to getting 2 hour stretches at a time and somewhere in his second year he started to do 4-6 hours when we were lucky.

At around age 2 he started to sleep all night (not always, but frequently) and could go to sleep while being cuddled by his dad.

It hasn’t been easy, but I know that we have responded to his needs and he’s never been alone.

Babies don’t stop needing us at night and we shouldn’t stop being there for them.

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