In July 2020, during the first Lockdown I was facing uncertainties about returning to my job as a dyslexia tutor, and my mental health was beginning to take a dip again. My maternity allowance was just about to run out and wanted to find something to do to bring an income for our family in a way that was sustainable in the current climate and was also able to fit around having 2 small children.

Neal’s Yard is a brand which I have loved for years, so it was the very first thing that came to mind when I thought about working for myself and around my family.

I have absolutely blossomed with the love and support of the Neal’s Yard family. As a company they are so supportive and nurturing to all of their independent consultants. With their amazing free resources, training and aspiring leaders programme, it gave my self esteem the boost it greatly needed. I achieved Senior consultant level within only a few months of joining. I am now in a position to build, grow and support my own team, passing on that nurturing I myself received when I joined. I am always happy to discuss this with anyone who may want to develop their own business in the same way that I have, or even if it’s just a little side hustle you are interested in!

Working as an Independent Consultant gave me a boost in my confidence and self esteem and allowed me to hone my skills delivering workshops online. This in turn gave me the push I needed to start achieving other goals in my life and career and I am now training to be a meditation teacher and  mindset coach, and am already using these skills to run online workshops for parents, health professionals and business owners!

The whole ethos of the Neal’s Yard brand aligns with my own beliefs and values. Their training is based around a positive mindset and they are such a great team, supportive and encouraging of each others growth. It really is the Blue Bottle family.

Personally I have found the products I use daily to be of great benefit: my skin is looking better than it ever has, my mind is benefiting from the aromatherapy support of the essential oils in the products as I get a little boost from them throughout the day. I feel in good conscience knowing that they, as a company are looking after our planet, and that I am shopping with nd supporting others to shop as a conscious consumer with an ethical, family based company.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic has been an all round winner for me any my family!

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