Are you a busy mum, trying to juggle everything or struggling to find your purpose?

Have you lost your identity or sense of self?

Are you a new mum, feeling overwhelmed with the day to day practicalities and decisions you are facing?

Do you feel unfulfilled or dissatisfied in your working/home life role?

Would you like more time for yourself?

How the Real Life Hack could help...

Juggling the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood, alongside work and other life commitments can be a challenging task. With many women often seen as needing to be ‘something for everyone’, leaving them feeling frazzled, stressed, and often with a depleted sense of self purpose.

Andrea works with mums across the UK to help them find themselves again, unearthing their passions and finding more balance and fulfilment in their lives. She does this through a combination of mindset coaching, meditation and matrix reprinting.

All one to one coaching is tailored exactly to your individual requirements. The downloadable courses have a core content structure and can be worked through at your own pace. Online group coaching courses will be personalised to the specific needs of the group and also include an optional whatsapp group – helping you to form new friendships with other mums if you so wish!

One to one life coaching

  • Enhance awareness
  • Build emotional resilience
  • Create positive behavioural changes
  • Reconnect with your true self
  • 1 hour zoom call, with supporting PDF
    report including tasks towards your goal,
    accountability and support via whatsapp

Journaling & meditation course

  • 10 week journaling and meditation course
  • Take back responsibility for your self care
  • Build small positive habits in your routine
  • How to use journaling for healing and personal development
  • Meditation methods to help with everyday life
  • 10 x 1 hour group course with whatsapp
    group support