andrea murtagh

Andrea, is a mindset and meditation coach who specialises in helping clients to take back control of their mindset through both practical and spiritual solutions. This includes; meditation, mindset and matrix reprinting and eft tapping.

Andrea is a work from home mum, with a background in Psychology, working with Children with additional needs and a trained peer supporter for parents with mental health issues. Throughout her working life, Andreas’ objective has always been to help individuals with confidence, self–esteem, motivation and purpose. Therefore, moving into a coaching role has allowed her to change lives in a much deeper way.

Through using her own life experiences of and training, Andrea helps her clients to find what she has – a purpose!

Andrea has been on quite the mental health journey herself, suffering with anxiety and depression since childhood, self harming and suicidal as a teen and young adult, whilst relying heavily on alcohol in her 20’s as means of self medication.

Through counselling and lifestyle changes (including sobriety) in her late 20s, Andrea settled and married. However, after having her first baby she suffered with PTSD, anxiety and depression – which once again led to a very dark place. During this time, Andrea did a lot of work on herself and with the help of amazing therapy, medication and support, got herself back on track. Fast forward to Andrea’s second pregnancy where she hoped to have a healing birth. This was not to be, however, Andrea used her learnings from her therapy to limit the effects and therefore, recovered much more quickly.

Since then, Andrea has become a qualified Mindset and Meditation coach after seeing the powerful healing this combined approach had on her journey. Her client list ranges from individuals; lacking a lustre for life, wanting to enjoy more and work less, seeking a balance and fulfilment through to mums and large corporates. She does this through 1-2-1 coaching, journaling and mediation courses and corporate workshops.. 

“I am passionate about using my own lived experience of mental illness, recovery and personal development journey to inspire and empower others to create a life they’ll love to live”.

Andrea Murtagh

How andrea could help you:

Undercover your purpose

Empower you to create your future

Give you the tools to improve your life


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