I use my own life experience and training to give you what I have found for myself. A purpose!

My typical client is someone who finds their current life lack lustre, someone wanting to enjoy more and work less, someone seeking balance and fulfillment.

I am a mindset and meditation coach offering 1 to one coaching, alongside corporate and group workshops.

Hello! My name is Andrea. I am currently a stay/work at home mum. My background is in Psychology and working with children with additional needs.

After my first baby I struggled to return to work, teaching children with dyslexia, and only went back a few hours or week, so when I was on maternity leave with my second baby I decided to say yes to anything that “just felt right” and see where it led, and here I am!

I have been on quite the mental health journey through my life! I have suffered with anxiety and depression since childhood, self harmed and been suicidal as a teen and young adult, I’ve relied heavily on alcohol in my 20s as means of self medication.

I began to feel like I’d got myself back on track with some counselling and lifestyle changes (including sobriety) in my late 20s. I settled down and got married.

After I had my first baby I suffered PTSD, anxiety and depression, which lead me once again to a very dark place. I did a lot of work in myself and with the help of some amazing therapy, medication and support I felt I was getting back to a good place.

Fast forward to my second baby which I hoped would be a healing birth, it wasn’t, but I had done a lot of work to limit the effects, so recovered much more quickly this time.

Since then I have become a trained peer supporter for parents with mental health issues and embarked on my very own journey of self development though some mindset coaching. This has been my biggest breakthrough yet!


I have also recently qualified as a meditation teacher after seeing the powerful healing effect that meditation has had on me. I have found journaling and meditation so healing for me and I feel honoured to be able to pass that on to others.

I just wanted to say yet again thank you so much. I know As you said that everything has come from within and I have put so much work in BUT if it wasn't for you I probably would not have had the motivation to start my journey 10 weeks ago. It has been a true revelation. I joined the course thinking it would be a bit of fun on a Sunday afternoon to get some time away from the kids and was so skeptical of it all. You have been fantastic and what you have taught me will stay with me and hopefully keep changing my habits and guide me through my next adventure. It has changed my outlook so much and even people around me have seen this positive change. So thank you thank you thank you!

Francesca "10 Weeks to a New You"



Join my monthly Introductory Journaling and Meditation Workshop. This workshop is open to anyone of any level, and is suitable for those who have no prior experience of either meditation or journaling. 

Includes downloadable workbook and meditation audio.

10 Weeks to a New You Programme

This is an indepth Journaling and Meditation Programme, suitable for all levels which will guide you through 10 different meditations, connecting you deeply with your true and highest self over the course of the programme.

Includes 100 page PDF workbook and 10 meditation audios.

(A paperback printed copy of the course booklet is also available to purchase separately) 

Both of the above programmes are available as corporate options, available for up to 100 attendees. 

One to One Coaching

A pay as you go way to access 1 to one coaching. This is the most flexible, but least cost effective option, therefore I would recommend this only to existing clients as a top up service.

This inlcudes

1x hour Zoom call

1x PDF report including tasks towards your goal

1 week of accountability and support via WhatsApp

This is the most popular package. With this you commit to one month of working towards your goal either in your career or personal life (or a combination of the 2)

It includes:

4 x 1hour Zoom calls,

4 PDF reports inlcuding tasks to complete each week towards your goal, 

Accountability and support via Whatsapp for the month.

This is the ultimate commitment to 6 months of working towards success.

This gives you the opportunity to completely overhaul both personal and professional areas of your life, all with my support.

It includes:

24 x 1hour Zoom calls,

24 PDF reports inlcuding tasks to complete each week towards your goal, 

Accountability and support via Whatsapp for the full 6 month period.




You can find out lots of hints and tips as I share my own life experience over on my blog


Uncover your true purpose and  create a life you love through journaling and meditation


Lets work together to change your mindset, make changes and meet your goals and more

ABout me

A former dyselxia specialist and psychology graduate, I am now a stay at home mum of 2 boys.

I am passionate about using my own lived experience of mental illness, recovery and personal development journey to inspire and empower others to create a live they’ll love to live.

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My soul is so much more content now and that is something I never thought about before! This course opens your mind and heart to new thinking and encourages healthier habits, which can only be good!

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